How Does the Hospital Building in Milan Help to Clean the Air?

Hospital building in Milan

Have you heard of the revolutionary hospital in Milan? It’s a building powered completely by renewable energy, produces no waste, and even helps clean the air! Yes, you read that right – this hospital isn’t just sustainable and eco-friendly but has been designed specifically to improve local air quality. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at how the innovative design of this building is tackling one of today’s most pressing environmental issues – air pollution – head-on.

Unique technologies that were used in the construction

People call the San Raffaele Hospital “Iceberg” because of its shape. But there is something special about it that you can’t see. Ceramic panels on the outside are covered with a special material called titanium dioxide that helps keep the temperature in the hospital nice when it is sunny outside. Ultraviolet light can help break down bad things in the air. It helps react with titanium dioxide, solid particles, and nitrogen oxide. Because of this reaction, the pollutants and organic impurities are changed into something safer.

Ceramic panels are put in different places around the building. They have different lengths. It helps block out too much sunlight and makes it comfortable inside. Unfortunately, it also keeps out too much heat.

The San Rafaele hospital building is very big. It takes up 40,000 square meters. It has 10 floors and 284 beds for patients. There are also classrooms and labs inside the hospital. The shape of the building on the outside looks complicated, but inside, it is almost like a rectangle. This way, it is easier for staff to watch over patients and help them if needed.

The San Raffaele hospital building

Innovative materials were used not only to cover ceramic panels – approximately 60% of the facade is faced with special darkened glass panels, which contribute to better thermoregulation and reduce the energy consumption of the hospital building.

The San Raffaele Hospital got the nickname “Iceberg” because of the part of the building covered with ceramic ribs. This part is on a one-story platform made out of ceramic tiles. On top of this platform, there is a garden. This garden helps reduce air pollution. Plants absorb some pollutants and give off oxygen, which cleans up the air.

The Italian Environmental Management System (EMAS) has certified the hospital’s environmental performance. And its innovative design is a great example of how architecture can be used to help with environmental problems like air pollution. By creating a building powered by renewable energy, producing no waste, and helping to clean the air, this hospital has set an example for other medical buildings worldwide. Not only is it doing its part to protect our planet, but it’s also providing a safer environment for patients and staff.

Hopefully, more hospitals will follow San Raffaele Hospital’s example and use sustainable design to improve their environmental performance while providing clean air for everyone. In the meantime, let’s give a round of applause to this revolutionary hospital in Milan – it’s making a real difference!

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