Top 8 New Technologies in Construction

Top 8 new technologies in construction

Things are always changing in the construction industry. New technologies and materials make things faster, save resources, and help businesses make more money. It also helps with managing the production process. Here are 8 of the newest technologies in construction:

Self-healing concrete

This invention can help save money when it comes to repairing buildings. Concrete can break over time, and cracks may appear because of weight and other things. It means that people have to pay money to fix the walls. The invention uses bacteria added to the concrete mixture. The bacteria stay asleep until moisture gets in. Then, when a crack appears, the bacteria wake up and fill in the crack with natural calcite, making it waterproof.

Airgel Insulation

Airgel insulation is a new type of foam that’s light, durable, and resistant to fire and moisture. It’s made from recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly for owners and builders alike. This kind of insulation helps keep the temperature inside a building consistent throughout the day.

Lumining cement

In the Netherlands, they use special cement that makes roads light up. It helps them save electricity. They also use this special lighting in parking lots, on the outside of buildings, and in bathrooms. With this type of lighting, you can control how bright it is.

Transparent concrete

Transparent concrete

Light can pass through this type of concrete. Tiny fibers are put in the concrete, making it strong enough to hold much weight and not absorb too much water (1%). It has a very strong compression strength of 70 MPa. People can use this special concrete for future walls, pools, and other designs.

Flexible tiles

This type of tile is made from ordinary clay mixed with a special material that makes it bendable. It has fiberglass inside to make it stronger. It resembles regular tiles but can be bent into different shapes. You can use it inside and outside your home, lasting up to 20 years.

Building drones

Crewless guided aircraft are used to take pictures from the air. They can take thermal images and help map out large areas quickly. They are also used for research and to check on things. This technology is especially useful when we cannot leave our homes because of quarantine. It helps us see how buildings were built even if we cannot visit them in person.

Warm brick

In Switzerland, they made a special type of brick called Aerobics. It is the warmest brick in the world. Inside it are tiny pockets filled with aerogel. This material helps keep your house warm, so you do not need extra insulation. It also helps you with energy bills.

Smart glass

Smart glass is made from special materials that can change their transparency. When it’s hot, the glass will be opaque; when it’s cold, it will be transparent. It helps control the temperature in a building more efficiently than traditional methods.

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